Research suggests that the number of UK female millionaires is increasing 
by 11% a year*

Meet the team from Women in Wealth, a dedicated one-stop-training-programme for the discerning lady seeking to improve and protect her financial status. Delivered by the UK’s most respected provider of financial training programmes, Legacy Education Alliance, Women in Wealth can show you how to create and protect new and existing assets, in real terms and in your lifetime – by investing in business, property, or the stock market.

Since its launch in 2008, Women in Wealth has helped hundreds of women of all ages and backgrounds better understand the spectrum of wealth creation opportunities available to them, in simple ‘black and white’ terms’.  Without jargon yet with a great deal of personality and a splash of colour thrown in.  
All created and delivered by women who have been where you are sitting right now.

* According to 2011 research, currently 46 per cent of the UK’s 376,000 millionaires are women.  
The same source also suggests that this figure will increase to 53 per cent by the year 2020.  
Source: www.internationalwomensday.com





I would just like to say a personal thanks to everyone. The last few years have been really difficult for me. As a result of this course, I now feel that the world has opened up to me and everything is possible. I'm completely blessed because I have been given to opportunity to start my life again.

J Williamson